A Thousand Graces

This is the beginning of my gratitude journal.  I am finding myself discontent, grumpy, anxious and otherwise difficult to live with.

I believe that giving thanks will change that.  I believe that deliberately seeking out His hand in my life, calling it out, thanking Him for it will change my perspective.  Others that are wiser have seen it happen.  Research has demonstrated it.  I have witnessed it in my own life when I have been deliberate about finding just one thing a day to be thankful for.  And so I begin again – counting my thousand graces.

  1. The wisdom of others
  2. Starbucks that is not the size I ordered and yet the size I needed
  3. Friendly help with a cell phone to reunite a dog with his owner
  4. Watching children chase ducks on a walk with their parents
  5. The ebbing in, crashing down, and ebbing out of feelings – making me aware, alert, grateful for abundant grace
  6. Cats and dogs, getting along, living together
  7. Folks that are willing to explain and explain and explain again!
  8. Dinner invitations from friends that are enjoyed
  9. Shared laughter
  10. Shared prayer
  11. Laughter at Session
  12. Safe and uneventful travels
  13. Feeling fall in the air
  14. Non-grumpy people
  15. A free evening
  16. Dale and Ann and their love for me
  17. Long talks with old friends who remind me about the Large Rock and His importance in my life
  18. Beautiful music
  19. Fall and open windows
  20. Reminders to count my blessings
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